Racers will start and run the same course as the full marathon.  Must be able to finish within 6.5 hours.


Racers will start and run the same course as the half marathon.  Must be able to finish within 6.5 hours.


Racers will start and run the same course as the full or half marathon.  Must be able to finish within 6.5 hours.

Teams made up of 2-7 people.



A canoe used for the Ely Marathon or Boundary Waters Bank Half Marathon must be a traditional canoe designed to be paddled by one or two people, commonly used for extended time in the BWCA.  Kayaks, models, plastic, inflatable and cardboard are not allowed.


Break the 2019 record for the full marathon (5:00:01), win the race and receive a Northstar Canoe!  This is a world record holding event!


Both the full marathon and half marathon start lines have areas in which your canoe can be stored.  You may drop off our canoe any time at either location on Friday, September 25th or before the race start on Saturday.

You may also choose to rent the lightest canoe for your race.  They will be transported to the start line for you and picked up at the finish line. Below are our canoe outfitting partners.  click on their logo for their rental sites.



Registration opens September 23, 2019. 


There are no refunds on registration but your bib can be transferred to another runner or you may transfer to another race.  You may add or subtract relay members prior to August 1.  Any transfers or changes after August 1 will incur a $20 change fee.

Costs for this event are accrued very early on in the planning process.  That being said, in the event that it is necessary to cancel the race due to COVID-19 or any other natural disasters - all racers already registered will receive an entry for the following year's race.  Issuing refunds or credit would be devastating to the event, as this race operates on a very thin margin.  The focus of this event is to bring vitality and support to the community of Ely and it is important to be able to see these events continue for many years. 

Pets, bicycles, strollers and wheels are not allowed.  Anyone found cheating will be disqualified.

Walkers are welcome!  You must finish within a 16 minute/mile pace for the full marathon or 26 minute/mile pace for the half marathon.



Packet Pickup is Friday, September 25th 12:00-10:00 PM at Whiteside Park in Ely (721 E. Sheridan St.)

Packets not picked up on Friday will be available at the Bus Pickup area on Sturday morning.  Do not get on the bus without a bib!


Please review the Ely Marathon and Boundary Waters Bank Half Marathon sites, for additional race information on your particular race.


Aid stations are located at miles 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25.

Each team will be issued one bib that will need to stay within the canoe and be passed onto your teammate.

The first runner will start marathon/half marathon field.  There will not be a separate start for the relay teams.  The other team members will need to be at their exchange area well before the fastest runners pass by, as area roads will close. (The exchange areas are listed below).

Exchange areas will be at aid stations and will be marked! 


If you are a team less than 6 people, you can choose which exchange areas you would like to be placed at. 

You may park a car at the exchange areas, but make sure you follow the pilot car as you leave the race course.

Full Marathon Relay Team Exchange Areas (at aid stations)

Exchange 1: Mile 3 (Where North Arm Road connects with Echo Trail)

Exchange 2: (This will be the most challenging arm of the race) Mile 7 (Passi Road)

Exchange 3: Mile 11 (One mile from ChigaBig Road)

Exchange 4: Mile 16 (Turn-around on Clouquet Line)

Exchange 5: Mile 20 (Old Winton Road) 

Exchange 6: Mile 23 (Pioneer Road and Miners Drive)

Half Marathon Relay Team Exchange Areas

Exchange 1: Mile 2 (One mile from ChigaBig Road)

Exchange 2: Mile 4 (Start of Winton Road)

Exchange 3: Mile 6 (Winton Roadhouse)

Exchange 4: Mile 8 (Winton Road heading toward Pioneer)

Exchange 5: Mile 11 (Pioneer Road and Miners Drive)

Exchange 6: Mile 12 (Sheridan St. by DQ)


If you have any blankets that you would like to donate to charity, please bring them to the start line.  You can use these to keep warm until the start, and as the race begins, there will be large bins to collect them.


All finishers will receive a finishers shirt and medal.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers and to the fastest relay team.


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